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Lenalee :D - Recruit
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6th May 2014

I just filled out application 'Recruit'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

What's your name? = Katie
How old are you? = im gonna be 22 in october :3
Have you had any experience before? = Now there are some responsabilities to be a GM i would accept them all and the rules as well . ~ I had once GM experience in a server cald Zulu flyff but one day the owner just dissaphered & we never seen him again ~ I was just at the begining Guild Siege GM then later i become an Event GM so i have a few experince ^_^
Why do you think you would be a good GM? = ~To become a GM means to obtain higher rank as a player , because people will be looking up in you & also you gonna be they example & they will ask your help or your advice and you stand up for everybody because all of them are your friends. My opinion is a GM arent realy different from players , because from my experience i help alot of people and i do events as well . It makes me happy when people are thankfull coz you helped him or they won an event . The reason why i wish to become a GM is when i do any events many player can't join or they don't read the shout and if i do something i wish alot of more people could have fun with me & to help more people as i can . And the most thing i hate in this world is the boredom , but together we can defeat it & also we could create more fun and more enjoyable time. Now there are some responsabilities to be a GM i would accept them all and the rules as well . For me everybody is my friend who i trust , who i help .

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ღ .¸¸.Lęnaℓęę•´¯`»★

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6th May 2014

You're going to be a great gm!
Kindest Regards, Admin
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